Body - Mind - Soul

One can hardly imagine a more suitable location for workshops and seminars than the Alpenrose. Embedded in a natural paradise, its fresh air all around makes your mind even more receptive to the most demanding curricula. The intelligent construction of our house guarantees an ideal indoor climate even when the doors are closed. And while your eyes may be tempted to wander off every now and then, in admiration of the spectacular outdoor scenery, the tinted glass panes of our winter garden protect you at any time from being seen from the outside.

NEW ... Light cosmetics!

Everything is changing. “Light cosmetics” is a new way of doing something good for yourself.

This special cosmetic treatment is an energetic healing session”, in which the cells are not only stimulated to regenerate but also literally to rejuvenate themselves through a targeted energetic transfer of high-frequency crystals.

After just a few sessions, the external appearance will change, the complexion will be refined and the connective tissue will be strengthened!

For sure -  you will feel younger, fresher and healthier!

Curious and open to energy work?

Then this treatment (duration approx. ½ hour) is exactly the right thing!